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Our aim as a community is to make our Lord known and loved everywhere. We are founded on the conviction that Jesus Christ is the perfect revelation of God; that true life has been made available to us through his Incarnation and Ministry; by his Cross and Resurrection; and by the sending of his Holy Spirit.

Our community believes that it is the commission of the church to make the gospel known to all, and therefore we accept the duty of bringing others to know Christ, and of praying and working for the coming of the Kingdom of God.

This shapes our lives and attitudes to reflect the obedience of those whom our Lord chose to be with him and sent out as his witnesses. Like them, by word and example, we bear witness to Christ in our own immediate environment and pray and work for the fulfillment of his command to make disciples of all nations.

The Sent Life


For three years now I have had the privilege of working with the Apostolate of Saint Chad. What exactly is an Apostolate? An apostolate is a Christian organization "directed to serving and evangelizing the world" The Apostolate is also named after St Chad, who was a great missionary in what is now the UK in the 7th century. The Apostolate has a large focus on reaching the lost both here in the United States as well as around the world.


This year I am stepping further into a role at the Apostolate serving as a domestic missionary. My responsibilities include raising up pastors and ministers here in North America, helping to prepare and lead people through a process toward ordination, and helping to launch new churches and ministries. I also assist in the support of our established churches and ministries and their clergy. Another focus of mine is to provide discipleship ministry that trains others how to deepen their walk with Christ and to reach out to their neighbors and friends.


In this position I will be traveling throughout the U.S. and I am responsible for raising my own support. I want to ask you to partner with me as we seek to reach people with the Gospel.


I want to ask first of all that you will partner with me in prayer, and second that you would consider giving of your finances. Whether give a one time gift, an occasional gift or a recurring monthly gift, you can be assured it will be used for building God’s Kingdom. I’ve set the following goal to start out:

15 People to give $25 a month

25 People to give $10 a month

30 People to give $  5 a month


That is a total of $775.00 a month. None of this is for my own personal income but goes toward travel expenses, training materials, and outreach.


Would you be one of those people who will commit to this monthly giving team?